Edward Martin Perpetual Horseshoeing Competition


Edward at his first competition with his father watching.

A fourth generation farrier and blacksmith, Edward Martin began his apprenticeship across the street from the house in which he was born. Under the vigilant tutelage of his father and grandfather he learned the high standard of workmanship exacted by these master craftsmen. In addition to practicing the craft for over 60 years Edward organized the Closeburn Clydesdale Shoeing Competition in Scotland, U.K. Not only was Edward the last of a series of blacksmiths to carry the name of Edward Martin in his family, but his fame as a craftsman and teacher moved will beyond the limits of his small village. The Queen herself bestowed the honor of the MBE (Member of the British Empire) upon Edward in recognition of his accomplishments within the farriery industry. He also was given the Gold Metal and title of Supreme Master Blacksmith. In honor of this Master, who inspired horseshoers from around the globe, this scholarship is named.

At the Closeburn Clydesdale Show.


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