Edward Martin Perpetual

2017 TENTH ANNUAL E M P Horseshoeing Competition 

Edward Martin Perpetual (EMP) Competition commemorates Martin’s contribution to the education of American farriers. From a small village in Scotland Mr. Martin travelled broadly around the globe to share his love of blacksmithing and farriery.

For several decades the Martin family put on a world class draft horse shoeing competition in their village of Closeburn. Farriers travelled from all over the globe to compete against each other on the massive Clydesdale horses of the area. It is in the same spirit that the Edward Martin Perpetual Competition is held every September at the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley, CA. Following the same guidelines as in the Closeburn contest, competitors shoe draft horses using coke forges to build shoes from straight bar stock. Sparks fly and smoke boils as a line of horses are shod against the clock.

     E M P Competition

 2017 Tenth Annual Competition 

will be held during the Draft Horse Classic and Harvest Fair

Friday & Saturday on

September 22 through September 23, 2017

located at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.


 See the directions page for details to the fairgrounds. 

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