Edward Martin Perpetual Shoeing Competition Details


Edward Martin Perpetual Draft Horse Shoeing Competition & Clinic
September 22 & 23, 2017 Friday & Saturday
Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley, Ca
Grant Moon-Judge & Clinician

Original Closeburn, Scotland, COKE-FORGE Format  Each farrier/competitor, with the assistance of a striker/fireman, will forge:

Class A - 60 min- ½ x 1x 13

  1.  Front Carriage shoe fullered heel to heel 7 nails – E7
  2.  Hind caulk and wedge plain stamped 7 nails

E7 Class B - 60 minutes ½ x 1 ¼ x 18” , 5/8 square

  1. Hind fullered with agriculture caulks, jump welded toe piece, toe clip, 8 nails

Class C – 4 heat shoe from ½ x1 ¼ x 18”

This is a speed class. You may only take 4 heats to create any style Draft shoe. Extra points for difficulty but must be a functional completed shoe.

Class D - Live shoeing – 90 minutes

Shoe one foot, either front or hind ‘agricultural style’ with a fullered, heel caulked and toe clipped shoe built from 1 ¼” x ½” bar stock Specimen shoe – ½ x 1 x 16” deep seated bar shoe, fullered heel to heel 7 nails 

E7 Awards BBQ – March with the piper from clinic ground to this special ceilidh. The clinic, competition and BBQ benefit the EMP Scholarship Fund to assist the education of a student in a farriery school – a concept Edward wholeheartedly endorsed.

Contact: Event Coordinator Jean Meneley: (775) 233-9937 fetlockfarms@msn.com


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